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Music For Spaces

This album contains the music created by Mirian Kolev (E.U.E.R.P.I.) for "Spaces Alive" project.

"SPACES ALIVE" is a long term project series, conceived by Yordanova & Kavdanska, as a series of site-specific, performative video installations, interventions or intermedia dance performances. They invite to collaboration artists from different fields, telling a new story every time, in a new space, using various formats of...  more

released December 27, 2017

Music: Mirian Kolev
Artwork: Mihaela Kavdanska/ AVmotional Platform

"Spaces Alive. Bucharest Surreal" is a series of five site-specific performative interventions, conceived and performed in Bucharest during July-November 2017. Once a month, a group of visual, sound & performance artists, dancers, choreographer & curator, got together to create a new project, inspired by a new space: a club inhabiting an old factory, a museum, the oldest house in Bucharest, a white cube gallery, a private apartment.

Trailers of the performative interventions:


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