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"Мирян Колев"

Ether Scape

Ether Scape is an album containing sounds that recreate the electromagnetic interference and waves that surround us but remain hidden from us.

With the help of a device called Ether Anti-Radio, I recorded these emissions, which I then edited and used as a basis for creating the music of this album, arranging them with delicate guitars. Anti-Radio is a device that instead of being tuned to a specific radio station, it receives all the interference and radiation that traditional radio tries to remove in order to create a clear signal. This allows it to perceive the invisible electromagnetic landscape, which makes it possible to listen to and record the entire electromagnetic field and radiation that surrounds us.

Electromagnetic signals surround us everywhere in today's world, but remain invisible and unheard of to us. We can perceive them as electromagnetic pollution or as invisible particles that are a homogeneous and invariable part of our environment. I just wanted to create a beautiful sounding radiation.

This project is supported by National Culture Fund of Bulgaria
released March 31, 2022

Mirian Kolev - Music
Mirian Kolev - Cover Photo
Angel Draganov - Cover Design


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